CR Web Services are web design and development services.

Among the services that you can contract as our client, on the website cr.

  • Creation of Web Pages tailored for your company or SMEs.
  • E-commerce
  • Website Development
  • Web design.
  • Mobile Apps (Apps for Android and IOS).
  • Web applications.
  • Website customization, if you have one.
  • Corporate Web System
  • Web System for PyMes.
  • Hiring maintenance hours for your website.
  • Web Host, for your website.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization Indexing and positioning of websites).

The work is based on the use and mastery of different tools that result in the creation of a complete website. Among these tools we find some such as:

  • CMS o plataformas de gestión de contenidos, como pueden ser WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop o Blogger.
  • Lenguajes de programación como Javascript ,HTML, CSS, php, c#.
  • Editores o maquetadores visuales, entre los que se encuentran Divi, Elementor o Visual Composer.

CR Web Pages Services Prices

Prices range from $ 30 per month for hosting service.

An online store from 500 USD.

Implementations of web services from 100 USD.

A simple website from 500 USD.

We also have a professional hours service, in which the client can purchase a professional hours package for web development.

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